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Flower Crown Workshops

I love teaching flower crown workshops. When I’m running them myself, I love the beautiful friendships that blossom among the students. And when I’m teaching the workshops to a private group, I love being part of a celebration of friendship and closeness. The crowns at the end are more than beautiful keepsakes of a fun two hours. They are a symbol of time spent honoring our own unique creativity. 


So what happens during one of our flower crown workshops? Here’s what to expect;


Flower Crown Workshops in my studio in Cork.

From time-to-time I host flower crown workshops in my Kilworth studio. Anyone can come along; individuals, friends, colleagues, whoever. I will have a selection of sustainably grown flowers from my flower farm ready for you to use. I’ll give a short demo on the basics, and from then we will all sit around a large table and start creating. Along the way you will learn some flower arranging basics, you’ll learn about the different flowers we’re usingand why we’re using them. And, of course, how to create flower crowns yourself at home. You can even have a tour of my flower farm, where I can show you the seasonal flowers and the sustainable methods I use to grow them. I will provide some snacks and refreshments too. 
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